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Vi sponsrar Motus Salto gymnastik lag för JNM för att representera Sverige på Island. Vi önskar dom ett stort Lycka Till.


Vi har flyttat vårt lager till Borrgatan 17, Malmö och kontoret till Regementsgatan 2, Malmö.


Vi har nu blivit exklusiv återförsäljare av SuperMat Nano Blanket för temperaturer -170° upp till 1000°C. SuperMat har ett värmetal på 0,018 w/mK
Och tillhör ett av världens bästa isoleringsmaterial

About us

Ulf Thulin AB is a company mainly specializing in technical textiles for high temperatures.

Ulf Thulin AB was founded in Malmo, Sweden. Since then the company has grown gradually and today sells materials around Europe and some to South East Asia.

The company has considerable expertise and experience of fire-resistant and flame retardant products for shipbuilding, chemistry, refining, automotive, defense, steel mills, melters, power plants and many more. We are happy if we can share the experience with all our customers and answer questions that they have.
Ulf Thulin AB also supplies a wide range of products for fire- smoke curtains and develops new products constantly to provide our customers with the latest material on the market.

We have a shared experience of over 50 years in the industry, this helps us in all situations we can come up with a solution to your company. We cooperate only with well-established manufacturers.

At our warehouse in Malmo, we have the most viable products of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Aramid Fiber 180 - 3000gr / m², coated, uncoated fiberglass, Kevlar and fiberglass mat. Although a wider range of polyurethane panels and SuperMat Nano Blanket

Since its inception we have focused on the future to develop products together with our customers and manufacturers. This is what makes us to the leading supplier of various types of fabrics in Scandinavia, where our products and skills in demand

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Ulf Thulin AB

Krossverksgatan 5, Backside

SE-216 16 Limhamn

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Ulf Thulin AB

Krossverksgatan 5J

SE-216 16 Limhamn